The UPS Response is a Warm Light during a Dark Time

Unfortunately, workplace violence continues to be a crisis type for organizations.  The UPS shooting in San Francisco comes on the heels of a workplace shooting in Florida.  Current or former or former employees harming or killing current employees is a tragedy managers may have to face.  If you want to find an example of a proper (and effective) crisis response for a workplace violence crisis see the UPS response below:


US 06/14/17

Atlanta, GA

UPS Statement

UPS confirms there was a shooting incident involving six employees within the company’s facility in San Francisco earlier this morning.  Local law enforcement is conducting an investigation.  We cannot provide information as to the identity of persons involved at this time, pending the police investigation.  We understand that there are four deaths, although some individuals were transported to the hospital and we are unsure of their status at this time.

The company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share.   Our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this incident.  To assist our employees during this time, UPS has made professional counseling available.

The facility is an area package sorting hub and package delivery center.
UPS employs 350 at the facility.
The location is:
2222 17TH STREET
Cross street is San Bruno
Neighborhood is Potrero Hill


UPS used Twitter to help notify people and to send them to this message.  UPS provide a summary of the relevant details while respecting privacy.  The focus is on the victims including other employees and family members.  UPS is providing counseling for the employees along with an expression of sympathy (all part of adjusting information).  The message is simple (no confusing jargon) and to the point.  In a time of trouble, UPS management provided a helpful crisis response.

No Questions to Consider, just appreciate the good work that was done in a terrible situation.


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